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  • Infernus: What's the problem?
    Today at 08:32:26 am
  • sub5: @Elina and SiNaN, can you help me on my post in the BoardNews for frontpage block
    Today at 08:28:57 am
  • sub5: I had same issues yesterday,
    Today at 08:26:51 am
  • Skhilled: Or first time posters?
    Today at 06:58:01 am
  • Skhilled: I get the same too. I think something is wrong with the anti-spam process for new users?
    Today at 06:57:47 am
  • SamElanius: What I get when I try to post here in english support new topic is that I get blank (white screen).I tried different browser but same result. If I refresh it, it says that I posted it but no topic is created. Any advice please ?
    Today at 06:31:20 am
  • sub5: @Elina thanks, i have been able to post it
    Yesterday at 07:16:45 pm
  • Eliana Tamerin: @sub5 I added a few more posts to your count, try now.
    Yesterday at 07:08:35 pm
  • ♦ Ninja ZX-10RR ♦: It might be related to the newbie status, I don't really know about it, I'd advise you to ask Eliana or SiNaN, they can manage permissions I think... I am not entitled to post as you nor I am a support team member ;)
    Yesterday at 04:58:35 pm
  • sub5: Ijust tried again and its still thesame thing. this is like the 20th times i have tried, can i inbox u what i want to post
    Yesterday at 04:45:50 pm
  • ♦ Ninja ZX-10RR ♦: I can reply there... Idk :|
    Yesterday at 04:33:43 pm
  • sub5: can u give me a topic to post on so you can see, i actually want to reply to this topic [link]
    Yesterday at 10:21:08 am
  • ♦ Ninja ZX-10RR ♦: I can post just fine with the link you provided :| it is the block request sub-board. You'd better post a topic so we can get this sorted.
    Yesterday at 10:16:33 am
  • sub5: this is what it is returning [link]
    Yesterday at 10:13:12 am
  • sub5: but i have tried and i cant
    Yesterday at 10:12:23 am
  • ♦ Ninja ZX-10RR ♦: It is possible to reply there just fine...
    Yesterday at 10:09:20 am
  • sub5: @Ninja ZX, thanks but i didnt want to start a new topic, but to reply to one on that board
    Yesterday at 09:56:17 am
  • ♦ Ninja ZX-10RR ♦: Read the sticky topic in that board, please.
    Yesterday at 09:50:44 am
  • sub5: on  Blocks and Modifications
    Yesterday at 09:28:17 am
  • sub5: Cant post on some boards, getting error after making a post
    Yesterday at 09:27:49 am

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[Today at 08:31:08 am]

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Welcome to Simple Portal
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