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The SimplePortal Team is happy to announce the release of SimplePortal 2.3.5, code-named "Railgun!" This release includes fixes for the bugs found in the 2.3.4 version, and features full SMF 2.0.2 and 1.1.16 compatibility.

We urge all users to upgrade to SimplePortal 2.3.5 as soon as possible to take advantage of the bug fixes. A full list of changes for 2.3.5 can be found in the changelog.txt file within the SimplePortal package, but the major fixes are:

* Broken header bars in custom themes
* Undefined indexes caused by feed parser
* Custom permissions being reset on preview
* Page blocks being reset in some cases
* Shoutbox requests not updating user logs
* Parsed content in tag parameters breaking BBC parsing
* Several fixes to the layout and spacingUnfortunately, there is no auto-upgrade option from 2.3.4 to 2.3.5 due to the number of changes. So, if you are running 2.3.4 or an older version, you can upgrade by following these three steps. You shouldn't lose any data, but for safety, you should always back up before modifying your forum.

* Uninstall SimplePortal.
* Download SimplePortal 2.3.5.
* Install SimplePortal 2.3.5, and you are ready to go!Finally, please do not use this topic for any support requests. You will get a much more prompt response by posting in Install and Upgrade board.

Thanks for all your support, and keep those bug reports and feature requests coming!
-The SimplePortal Team

Congrats :D

great job! ;-)

yeah, congrats to all DEV Team,

Good job ;)


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