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Welcome to the general chat area of! Feel free to discuss anything in this board.

But please, follow these rules:

1.) DO NOT SPAM. It is a major annoyance to the community, and, generally, it is not tolerated at all. First offense is a warning and, depending on the overall severity of the situation, a suspension will be given. If the case is especially severe, the suspension will be lengthened. Repeat offenders will be banned. Spamming is considered:

    * Posting content that’s random, off-topic, or completely unrelated to the topic at hand (for example, asking for support in a thread that is talking about [SiNaN]'s daily life.).
    * Double-posting or duplicate posts (two separate, however similar/same posts) or a combination of the two.
    * Posting something that has already been shared in the same thread.
    * Posting one-word replies, or posting with very little content to support the topic (for example, “Yeah, totally”, or “Good idea”, or “OK”, without any other content).
    * All unauthorized advertisements of ANY kind are considered spam. The Showcase forum is the place where you can advertise your sites if you have any.
    * Posting random images numerous times in any posts or at topics unrelated. This includes hotlinking images from other sites along with the attachment form.

2.) Respect your fellow members and staff. There is no abusing, threatening, or flaming other users allowed. Also, to keep a clean atmosphere for the community, please do not discriminate, stereotype, or post anything prejudiced or hateful. This includes basis on religion and political beliefs, disability, race, age, gender, and/or personal preferences of other members.

3.) Do not double post. This would mean that you should not reply immediately after you have made your post in the SAME topic. Use the EDIT button if you want to add more in your current post.

4.) Please write in proper English along with proper grammar and punctuation. The Spell Check button is there for you to use if you have troubles with spelling. This would mean no sTicKy CaPs, no “i r l33t h4xx0r” or anything moronic like that. In addition, please avoid any short-formed phrases (examples are “O RLY” or anything related) as this is a message board, not mobile text messaging.

Any breaking of those rules will result in a warning from a SimplePortal team member, if you continue to break the rules then we will have to ban you.

Remember, be nice! This board is for people to enjoy themselves., if you come along and try to ruin it, then will will have to ban you.


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