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Title: Comments in PHP code used in pages
Post by: HazardTW on February 07, 2013, 09:31:41 PM
When I registered, the latest SMF version available in your drop down menu was SMF v2.0.2 so I chose that, but the version I am using is SMF v2.0.4, and I am using the SP v2.3.5.

Background on my site:
Server OS: Ubuntu 10.04 server
Webserver: Apache 2.0
PHP:  PHP Version 5.3.2-1ubuntu4.18
SQL:  MySQL v5.1.67

The website is a newly created virtualhost with NO content, installed SMF in this order:
1) created 'forum' directory in web root
2) uploaded SMF v2.0.4 and installed
3) uploaded only ONE theme, actualism_202, switched the forum to that theme
4) uploaded and installed SP v2.3.5

Everything works great, no problem making custom html and php blocks with small source code.

Then I went to making portal pages, 6 of them to be exact, that make up my own custom pre-registration system, 4 HTML and 2 PHP.
Most very small landing pages but the main part of my system is a 1600+ line PHP file.
My problem was that sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't, sometimes worked ONLY when I FIRST pasted the PHP code into the page editor and clicked VIEW, but then when I saved it, the problems started, but they just didn't seem to be consistent.

I played with toggling the PHP validation, and I ran my code through a parser, it always came out with no errors.
FYI, I tried this PHP page with mixed PHP and HTML with MANY <?php ?> tags, AND then I removed all PHP tags and enclosed all HTML in echo statements, parsed no syntax errors, paste in, view okay, save, no work.

I sometimes got the "Database Error" message when saving, and then I had a hunch that maybe the comments were not being parsed or entered into the database correctly because of the wording in the error and because sometimes statements would execute that should have been commented out.

So after many hours of beating my head against the desk, I went through and removed ALL commenting, not only the PHP comments but even the echoed javascript comments thinking that "/*" and/or "//" were causing the SQL server to throw up on itself.

Once I removed all commenting, my page appears to working fine now, granted I have only hit it a few times, but everything I tried for the last 7 hours resulted in the only time I could see my page was via PREVIEW BEFORE SAVING IT to database.

If this is truly is the problem it should probably be easy to duplicate... maybe LOL

I had multiple types of commented sections using "/**************/", "//", "/* <multiple lines of comments> */", "//==========//", "//-----------//", etc.

I am hoping the removal of all comments has solved my problem, and if so, I hope that my post can help someone else from the same frustration.
Title: Re: Comments in PHP code used in pages
Post by: [SiNaN] on August 13, 2014, 01:31:31 PM
The Custom PHP pages functionality isn't really intended for 1600+ lines of code. Instead of that, I would suggest that you put your code in a file and just include the file in your page. Sorry to hear that you've lost so much time on it but glad that you could solve it in the end.
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