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Title: I need some help.
Post by: ufaforwork2 on July 16, 2017, 08:55:11 AM
Hi everyone . My name's Thierry , I'm a newbie for this forum.

As the title would suggest  .. I need help. I was upgrading to the newest version of simple portal when *poof* the forum ceased to function. I've done what I could through reading the post here and researching but still, no luck. แทงบอลเงินสด (แทงบอลเงินสด/)

I've tried the following:

- Used the 'back-up' feature in the Packages folder. Downloaded the last know good file and uploaded it to my /forum directory via FTP. No Luck-

- Downloaded and installed a clean SMF package to see if it would replace / overwrite the files hanging it up. No Luck

- I read about going through the cPanel on site, but it's pretty intimidating in there.

 - I downlaoded the repair tool (repair_settings.php) but still no luck.

- I even read the other post here re: simple portal workaround, but still no luck.
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The site went down after I tried upgrading the Simple Portal package so I know the issue(s) lie there. However, there were no errors noted prior to the install, but as soon as I uploaded it, the page went blank.
Title: Re: I need some help.
Post by: andy on July 17, 2017, 09:33:21 AM
It is hard to give accurate advice as it is not clear what you have done to the files at this point - seems like many changes may have happened.

Simple Portal does work of course so the problem is with install errors, your SMF installation, other modifications, or file permissions on your server (stopping writing).

You will have to use an  FTP program from your PC (login details needed from cpanel) or file manager in cpanel (its quite easy).

Before you do anything, make a backup by downloading through FTP or use cpanel. These things you will have to learn if you use software on webhosting (or pay someone).

You did not mention your SMF version - I hope it is the latest one?

After making a backup of your files you go into the public_html folder (ftp or file manager), or the folder with SMF in it. In the 'Packages' folder, go into another folder 'Backups' .
In there you fill find each file is given a name 'before' the install of the package. Find the one for simple portal and either copy it to your SMF folder or download it and upload it again to the SMF folder.
You can then extract the files using file manager and it will be returned to the state previously working... unless you caused other problems.

If that does not work then you can do what I do when things get in a mess - start again.
Delete everything you do not need, except the 'settings.php file. I keep the avatars folder. as users have profile photos in there.
Then upload a 'large upgrade' SMF package (get from SMF). Extract that and follow the instructions. That should return the site to working order.
After that you can try a new install of simple portal and put any other modifications back.
That always works for me.

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