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Title: Need Help! Newbie!
Post by: anieB on April 14, 2018, 03:11:12 PM
Hello Support,
This request is my second. I did not receive a reply to the first, so I am sending it again.
Do not be a concern if you did not receive the first message. I may have posted with another group.

To the point:
I recently installed SMF 2.0.15 ns SP 2.3.7, and I must say that my forum looks nothing like this one.
How can setup my forum to look like yours? Since I am not familiar with coding, CSS or HTML, this could be
the beginning of a long journey. Taking one step at a time would work for me. The first thing I would like to
do is to add sidebars for ads and modify the banner. Except for the colors, your forum setup would
be perfect, and at a later time, I would like to add a logo.

I do not know if my "Donator" status will give me any additional privileges, but it is similar to SMF's "Charter Membership" then I
should have individualised support.

Do I need MODs or another theme?

I would like to proceed in this order.
1. Setup sidebars for ads (bottom, left &  right)
2. Change banner
3. Change colors

If at all possible, I would like to do the modifications myself but I would need step by step instructions.
If I have a problem following your instructions, then I will contact you.

For your is the link to my forum.

Thank you!
Title: Re: Need Help! Newbie!
Post by: ccbtimewiz on April 15, 2018, 01:41:33 PM
I'm not a support team member but I can give you some advice.

The customizations that you're looking are more suited to SMF in general than just SP.

If you want to change the banner and colors, you could look into the SMF Theme Site ( For banner itself you will need to most likely design it, and then place it into the theme (SMF has options to do this under Admin > Theme Settings). Some custom themes have additional banners or special banners.

For ads, [SiNaN]'s Simple Ads ( modification is pretty good. In addition, you can set up Simple Portal to have blocks that contain ad code and have it display.

For more guided instructions, I'm sure someone will get back to you.
Title: Re: Need Help! Newbie!
Post by: anieB on April 15, 2018, 08:48:21 PM
Thank you, Kaede.
Title: Re: Need Help! Newbie!
Post by: andy on April 17, 2018, 07:21:58 AM
I would like to proceed in this order.
1. Setup sidebars for ads (bottom, left &  right)
2. Change banner
3. Change colors

1. Sidebars.
Seems you have done this on your site now... but that might be default settings after install.

A lot of things you will have to learn yourself by reading online and trial & error testing.

Simple Portal documentation is the most important first place to visit - top right menu you will see it. In there you will find information about how to use the settings, how to make different blocks etc.;area=setup_blocks#

Custom html blocks can be used for your own text and photo Ads, or Ad code.
Free online html guides will help if you are not sure.

2. Change banner
3. Change colors

These are SMF theme related rather than Simple Portal - as Kaede has already said. I hate the default theme for SMF so it depends on what you prefer. There are lots of themes on SMF but they can work differently with Simple Portal and other mods.  Installing and testing is the only way to find out what is best for you.
Many themes have admin settings for a website banner and colour changes.
I like the 'Reboot' theme as colour changes are very easy and it looks good on phones and smaller devices. There are lots of others though.

You can make your own Ad blocks in Simple Portal or use the Mod Kaede suggested. There is another popular updated Ad Mod - 'Ad Management mod'.

This might not work well with Simple Portal as it adds extra columns - you need to test it. I have not used for a few years so it might be more compatible now. The Mod author might also help you but there might be a cost.

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