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Title: Custom Theme Tutorials
Post by: Nathaniel on August 15, 2008, 10:22:31 PM
Custom Theme TutorialsThis board is specifically for tutorials that demonstrait how to use the Simple Portal Mod, with Custom SMF Themes. If you need help with your graphics then please post in the Graphics Board ( Theme tutorials/templates (SP 2.5):Cadence MultiColor 1.1 (;topicseen#msg65575) c/o Underdog (;u=1944).
Custom Theme tutorials (Outdated)Black Rain 1.1.7 ( written by Manu (http://index.php/?action=profile;u=25).Classic and Babylon ( written by nikan (;u=270).DS-Natural ( written by mirahalo (http://index.php/?action=profile;u=453).Helios Multi Final (1.1.7) ( written by Manu (;u=25).Passion by Crip ( written by gamerxgirl (;u=866).OverView MultiColor (1.1.7) (http://index.php/?topic=1417.0) written by Manu (http://index.php/?action=profile;u=25).YeniCeriv1 (http://index.php/?topic=1670.0) written by Paragaya (http://index.php/?action=profile;u=971).Enterprise ( written by KTFO (;u=1623).What do I do if my Custom Theme isn't here?If there is not a tutorial for your Custom Theme, then you can make a post in the Graphics Board (, either requesting a tutorial or asking for help with making your Custom Theme compatible with Simple Portal. Please read this topic ( before you make a request.How Do I add a Custom Theme Tutorial?So that we can maintain a high standard of tutorials, you have to post any new Custom Theme Tutorials in the Graphics Board ( with the prefix "[Custom Theme Tutorial]", it will then be checkd by a member of staff, who will move the topic to this Board if it meets the requirements.Custom Theme Tutorial Requirements/Guidelines:  Thank you to all the Staff and Community Users who have donated their time to create these tutorials,Simple Portal Team ( by AngelinaBelle -- fixed 2 links.
Title: Re: Custom Theme Tutorials
Post by: jmelees on February 02, 2011, 01:55:31 PM
Looking forward to trying this tutotrial
Title: Re: Custom Theme Tutorials
Post by: grafitus on March 05, 2011, 06:55:08 AM
Hey Nath! These links are broken which are the above:
Black Rain 1.1.7 => Goes to: http://index.php/?topic=1416.0
DS-Natural => Goes to: http://index.php/?topic=1305.0
Title: Re: Custom Theme Tutorials
Post by: AngelinaBelle on March 05, 2011, 07:46:33 PM
Thanks, grafitus. I fixed those links.
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