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Install Friendly :D



--- Quote ---Install Friendly
With the ingenius design of install and update packages, SimplePortal is incredibly install and update friendly. You will never need any manual changes even on a heavily modified forum.
--- End quote ---

XD It is also 2.1 Alpha friendly.



Not really, nothing saves when installed with 2.1. :(

Current SimplePortal dev version is working completely fine with the latest SMF 2.1 Alpha version at GitHub. (it's designed to work with SMF 2.0.x though)

Only some default SMF images used can't be found because of the change from .gif to .png (which is very easy to fix - just change all instances of ".gif" in to ".png" in the whole SimplePortal package) and there is an error caused by the change from group_stars to group_icons (which is very easy to fix too - just find "stars" in PortalBlocks.php and change it to "icons").

I haven't noticed any other bugs. So it should be fine with a few cosmetic fixes here and there.

That's great to hear. On my way to github then a bit later.


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