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My recipe site went down, so where to find paid green-like themes?

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My vegetarian recipe SMS + SP site went down after 10 years of use.  And I was hoping to re-install fresh everything all over, but I was curious if anyone might know of a recipe type SMF, Plus Simple Portal, theme to use?

I understand this is not a support board, but I need some help to guide me once again. 

Thank you!

I feel I remember a similar request at while ago... dunno the outcome.
What would need a "recipe type" site?

Well more of a green colored, garden-like, themed site.  Something that can represent vegetarian recipes.  Lots of sms theme sites, but many good themes years old now with no updates.  I've been looking at as their Sage and Dilper theme might work.  Or, just custom my SM Portal.

Oh, so you are just looking for a custom theme?

No custom plugins or anything?

Well for mods I'm not up to speed on what would be great for my site.  As long as the posts look good.  I like the mods here. 


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