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Welcome to! You can download SimplePortal from the Downloads Area!

Author Topic: well I am back!  (Read 642 times)

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Offline thepitster

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well I am back!
« on: September 02, 2017, 08:02:17 PM »
GLAD TO SEE THIS PLACE BACK. had a little activation problem earlier, but [SiNaN] was ever so kind to fix that problem for me, even though there was probably more important stuff to attend to, and for that I thank you.

Even though some user information was lost all else is still good, as I had said to [SiNaN] earlier, SimplePortal is an A.W.E.S.O.M.E. piece of work, for a little back story on me, myself and a really close friend and GENIUS PHP coder, made a portal for SMF 1.0.x/1.1.x brand (mainly him as my coding back then was meh) and all of a sudden, in May of 2007 the lead coder stopped (extreme familial issues), it was called stuckiePortal (it was custom made for our website so you will not find it at SMF's mod site and I still have the package). It was Heavily Based upon YaPP and Enigma, and it got all the way to Version 3.0.2.

And for years I stayed with SMF 1.1.x for the fact I could not find another portal quite like it (also my site sat dormant cause I had real life happening and no time) I did not know of SimplePortal, of course I was not really looking either, then back in September, 29th, 2013 I ended up with ALOT of time on my hands, so I started Tutoring up on some PHP (man did I have alot to learn, specially after almost 6 years absence), now I am still a Novice by my count, and I did what I could for stuckiePortal, but finally I gave up as too much has changed from 1.1.2 (the last stuckiePortal release) to 2.0.11 (the last version the site was idle on since December of 2015) , and this old code was so _OLD_ I did not see any way of making it work with the 2.0 branch at all.

Then I finally updated to 2.0.14 in May of this year and found and installed SimplePortal which is almost exactly the way my old portal system worked, it even has a shoutbox too like the old one. Compared the the other portal systems compatible with the 2.0 branch, this portal was the only one I had no trouble figuring out, was just uncanny how similar this was to my old stuff, so when I was this is "A.W.E.S.O.M.E. piece of work", it's not just a compliment on the work you guys have done, IT"S THE TRUTH!

I have added pages, even got some help here on a custom block that scrolls recent topics (that code is lost here, because of the recent DB information loss, but I still have it on hand in case I wanna build up another site and use it).
So I am happy to introduce and promote SimplePortal to any and all, with it on site it's makes me feel right at home again :)

Thanks again for all the hard work you guys are doing,
thepitster, fellow Webmaster and  Site Owner.
Proud User and Supporter of SimplePortal v2.3.7

Offline ♦ Ninja ZX-10RR ♦

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Re: well I am back!
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2017, 11:22:32 PM »
I think I can speak on the whole Team's behalf by saying these kind of messages are heart-warming and make us feel truly useful. Thank you, sir.

And welcome to SimplePortal, for good measure :)
Have you tried SimplePortal Documentation before asking? ;)
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Offline aegersz

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Re: well I am back!
« Reply #2 on: September 02, 2017, 11:57:49 PM »
I concur.

SP is integral to my site.

I love it !
"mods" junkie (SMF 2.0) with 130+ mods (Full List is at,3301